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Bollinger has built its vineyards at the heart of the finest crus in Champagne. Champagne Bollinger produces across 7 separate vineyards with a grape unique to the brand: Pinot noir. This demanding grape is fragile, requiring care at every step, and the wines it produces take a very long time to age. Bollinger has chosen to showcase the Pinot Noir grape for the incomparable finesse that it can bring to a wine.


Throughout four generations, the Cipriani family has transformed their restaurant into a symbol of hospitality that remains unmatched by any other. Their dedication to precision and excellence has paved the way for the creation of Restaurants, Hotels & Residences and now a Food retail line, where luxury is embodied in the purest form of artisanal food items. The essence of simplicity is elevated to its utmost peak through uncompromising quality.


It's mastery and expertise that allows a company like Dammann to continue for generations to come. Tea leaves must pass a rigorous panel of experts before receiving the certification of being a part of the extensive, distinguished Dammann collection.


Domori brings luxury into sweetness. They were the first chocolate producer to use exclusively traditional growing methods with aromatic cacao plants, resulting in a wide range of nuanced flavors, and preserving the biodiversity of fine cacao.

Iginio Massari

Iginio Massari, the greatest Italian Master Pastry Chef, has elevated Italian pastry to its pinnacle. After training with Chef Claude Gerber and working as a food industry consultant, Massari dedicated himself to artisan pastry. His philosophy is simple: strive for perfection and never give up. With over 300 competition wins and numerous accolades, Massari is widely recognized as a highly accomplished pastry chef.

Illy Coffee

Everything is better with coffee. Illy is an Italian family business founded in Trieste in 1933 by Francesco Illy, with a passion for bringing people the perfect cup of coffee. A crafted blend made of nine varieties of pure Arabica makes Illy the iconic coffee brand it is today.

Mya Natura

Mya Natura is an innovative reality in the fresh food products industry. We love and respect nature, and our bottles are made of 100% recycled and recyclable plastic. We carefully select only fully ripe fruit and extract its juice through a cold-pressing process to preserve the fruit's characteristics and properties. The added benefit is the HPP treatment, which effectively deactivates microorganisms, making our treated products preservable and safe.

Moët & Chandon

Moët & Chandon believes each Grand Vintage is unique. With no two vintages resulting in the same flavor profiles, each bottle possesses the distinctive, unique qualities of that year’s grapes, resulting in the best each harvest has to offer. Through passion and savoir-fair, each production passes rigorous quality control to deliver only the best, most prestigious collection of vintage champagnes.

Niko Romito

The work carried out in the Laboratorio emphasizes nutritional balance, simplicity of flavors, and light preparations. They carefully select raw materials from organic farming and prioritize the unique taste of each ingredient, reflecting their commitment to naturalness, genuineness, and healthiness. The Lab's core focus is on continuous research in the realm of healthy food, which aligns with Chef Niko Romito's vision for the future of nutrition. Their goal is to study and create high-quality, light, and healthy products that enable people worldwide to eat well, including in their own homes.


Maison Ruinart creates champagnes that are refined, elegant, fresh, and sophisticated. All Maison's cuvées begin with a base of the Chardonnay grape, giving Ruinart its distinctive flavor. The white grapes, carefully harvested on different terroirs, are precisely crafted to result in a distinguished flavor unique to the brand.

The Fork

TheFork is the leading online restaurant booking and discovery platform in Europe and Australia. With a wide range of over 60,000 restaurant partners, it has established itself as the preferred platform for food enthusiasts seeking remarkable dining experiences. Bollicine&Co. benefits from TheFork's services by connecting with diners and facilitating table bookings at our various locations across Europe.

Venturini Baldini

Born in the region of Reggio Emilia, Italy, Venturini Baldini has an extensive collection of wines grown in ideal microclimates and rich Italian soil. Authentic and born in the tradition of Emilian winemaking, their wines are unprecedented.


Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio

Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio is guided by core values of quality, competence, and tradition, as they provide a range of distinctive products that cater to the realms of health, well-being, and beauty. Their offerings extend beyond physical borders, allowing them to serve customers both in Florence and around the world. Notably, their perfumes and cosmetics adhere to vegan and cruelty-free standards, reflecting their commitment to ethical practices.

Poldo Dog Couture

Poldo Dog Couture is a luxury brand specializing in refined outfits for dogs since 2016. They offer a wide range of chic and comfortable clothing and accessories tailored to the comfort of dogs of different sizes. With a focus on quality and design, Poldo Dog Couture aims to dress dogs with elegance and sustainability. Through special partnerships with luxury fashion brands, they create remarkable projects and strive for exceptional goals. Poldo Dog Couture is proud to offer high-quality, Italian-made products.